Riddick Silver Crazy Contact Lenses

Riddick Silver Crazy Contact Lenses

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R.R.P $44.99
$39.99 / pair(s)

Price includes 2 x Lenses, excludes delivery



Ever wanted to change the appearance of your eyes and wanted them just to look the way you see them in the movies or on music shoots, well now you can with Riddick Silver crazy contact lenses.

Riddick Silver contacts are silver in color and cover your own natural eye color in seconds, each crazy lens is solid in color but very soft to touch, so comfort and fitting is not an issue and can be done very easily.

Every pair of Riddick Silver crazy contact lenses are non-prescription, this means they have no vision powers added to them to increase or decrease vision, so they do not interfere with your vision making them suitable for all who have never worn contact lenses before and those who do not wear contacts or eye wear on a daily basis, they are for fun use only, or cosmetic use as others would say.

Will my eyes really look like the image shown? Yes Riddick Silver crazy contact lenses are solid color so none of your eye color will show through no matter how dark or light your eyes are.

So how long can I wear them? Well they can be worn for 90 individual days over a 12 month period if cared for correctly,

OK how do I get a pair? Simply add to basket make your purchase and we will ship them out same day, delivery can take 2 to 14 days depending upon where you live,

What about the price is that for a pair? Yes, all the prices you see for Riddick Silver crazy contact lenses are for one pair which is 2 x Lenses.

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Prices includes 2 x Lenses, excludes delivery

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