Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray

Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray

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$18.99 / pair(s)

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Sterling Gray Freshlook® color contact lenses are eye-catching in color for a vibrant you, three colors are combined into one lens making them ideal for both light and dark eyes, the three colors use a dot matrix pattern that blends the three layers of color into your eyes, to give the effect of natural eye patterns and colors, and what makes these Sterling Gray Freshlook color contact lenses more special is the fact that they are non-prescription 0.00 powered lenses making them suitable for people who do not wear contact lenses, meaning they will only change the color appearance of your eyes and not your vision,

The Sterling Gray Freshlook Colorblends we stock do not have vision correction, they are for cosmetic use only and only change your eye color nothing else.

Affordable, can be worn for 30 days, 3 layers of color, comfortable to wear, trusted brand world-wide.

Freshlook color contact lenses are available in 12 different colors so you can be sure to find the color that suits your needs, the color of the lens shown on this page is Sterling Gray, you can buy these lenses today by adding to basket, all prices shown are for 2 x lenses, so by adding to basket once you will receive 2 x lenses which is 1 pair,

Please note as with all contact lenses natural results depend on the users experience and can vary,

So if you are after affordable color from a trusted brand world-wide Freshlook colorblends color contact lenses are for you,

Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray are in stock and ship with 24 hours from ordering.

Additional product information

Pack Size 2 x Lenses (1 Pair)
Contact Lens Type Non-Prescription (for all eyes)
Contact Lens Power 0.00
BC & DIA BC median / DIA 14.5
Material Soft Contact Lenses
Contact Lens Color 3 color lens, main color is gray
Suitable for All eye colors including dark eyes, people with perfect vision

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Prices includes 2 x Lenses, excludes delivery

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