Diamond Jade 17.5mm Contact Lenses

Diamond Jade 17.5mm Contact Lenses

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$25.95 / pair(s)

Price includes 2 x Lenses, excludes delivery



Jade Diamond contact lenses are somewhat different to normal contact lenses yet they still offer the same effects,

Offering a light diamond pattern across the lens,  the pattern is not very bold as this would make them look more like special effect lenses, the pattern is more subtle and blends into your eye color making your eyes look like luxurious gems,

The next striking effect with jade diamond eyes contact lenses is the fact that these lenses have a 17.5mm diameter compared to standard lenses which offer only a 14mm diameter,  it’s the 17.5mm that makes your eye color look so much bigger, this effect is favoured by many celebrities including Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj just to name a few,

With Jade Diamond contact lenses you can enjoy 60 days of wear, this means they can be worn for 60 whole days before they need changing for a fresh pair, another highly recommended point is that they are very comfortable to wear and you will forget that your even wearing contact lenses,

All diamond eyes lenses are priced and sold in pairs, the price you see is for 2 x jade diamond contacts, they are suitable for all eyes and designed for people who do not use or need eye wear to see correctly, they are for cosmetic use,

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Additional product information

Pack Size 2 x Lenses
Contact Lens Type Non-Prescription (for all eyes)
Contact Lens Power Non-Prescription 0.00
BC & DIA BC 8.6 / DIA 17.5mm
Material Soft Contact Lenses
Contact Lens Color 3 color lens, main color is Jade
Suitable for All eye colors including dark eyes, people with perfect vision

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Prices includes 2 x Lenses, excludes delivery

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