Crystaleyes Green Diamond Lenses

Crystaleyes Green Diamond Lenses

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$29.99 / pair(s)

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Shimmering effects that glistening upon your eyes, that will be the magic that comes from Crystaleyes Green Diamond Contact Lenses.

Each lens offers a glittery finish on top of the green color, movement creates a light shimmering effect that is truly unique, worn by many celebrities in the latest craze that turns your eyes into jewels and gets heads turning fast,

Highly visible results that work wonders on all eye colors even dark eyes are transformed with ease,

One color Green Cystaleyes lenses can be worn by all as they are for fashion use only and not for correcting your eyesight, they have no prescription powers added to the lenses and are designed to fit all eyes providing you have no eye defects, so if you have perfect vision and do not wear prescription glasses or prescription contact lenses these are for you,

Can be worn for 60 days of your choosing, wear them on the days of your choice, wear them 5 times a month for 12 months, wear them to suit your needs and fashion sense,

Crystaleyes Green diamond lenses are in stock and ship within 24 hours.

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